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In 1998, Dr. Vincent Felitti et al. published a study on adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and the impact on physical and mental health throughout the lifetime. Some of the ACEs were childhood neglect and abuse. The Children's Bureau and its Office on Child Abuse and Neglect developed a Resource Guide to support service providers in their work with parents, caregivers, and their children to prevent child abuse and neglect and promote child and family well-being. 

To learn more about research and resources on ACEs, toxic stress, and the effects on the individual throughout the lifespan, please click on a link below. 

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To report suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment, in Idaho call


Statewide: 1-855-552-5437 (KIDS) or Treasure Valley: 208-334-5437 (KIDS) 

Guiding Research

These resources include foundational research articles related to the topics of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress, and their impact on a person throughout their lifespan. In addition, this section includes links to websites that highlight emerging research in the field.

Epigenetics Resources: Epigenetics is how environmental factors affect how our genes are expressed. 

Training Resources

These resources includes online, interactive learning modules and links to other training resources for adult learners.

Presentation Materials

These resources may be useful to develop presentations on adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and toxic stress. They include existing presentation frameworks, facilitation guides, and educational videos. 

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