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Parental Resilience
Parental Resilience
Boosting strength, flexibility, and courage during times of stress. The community can help by providing parenting education and outlets for families.
What it looks like:

Resilience Related to General Life Stressors

a) managing the stressors of daily life

b) calling forth the inner strength                        to proactively meet personal                          challenges, manage adversities, and            heal the effects of one's own traumas

c) having self-confidence

d) believing that one can make                          and achieve goals

e) having faith and feeling hopeful

f) solving general life problems

g) having a positive attitude about life              in general

h) managing anger, anxiety, sadness,                feelings of loneliness and other                      negative feelings

i) seeking help for self when needed

Resilience Related to Parenting Stressors

a) calling forth the inner strength to                proactively meet challenges related            to one's child

b) not allowing stressors to keep one              from providing nurturing attention to          one's child

c) solving parenting problems

d) having a positive attitude about one's         parenting role and responsibilities

e) seeking help for one's child when             needed

Parental Resilience tree

To report suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment in Idaho, call:


Statewide: 1.855.552.5437 (KIDS) or Treasure Valley: 208.334.5437 (KIDS) 

North Idaho Parental Resilience Resources
Heritage Health

Heritage Health can provide extended mental health services to families with unique situations and needs. You may qualify for a sliding scale fee based on household income.

You're more stressed when you're not eating healthy! The USDA offers several online resources for eating healthy on a budget, including their recipe site 'What's Cooking?' which sorts meals by total cost and type of assistance (SNAP, CNP).

Support Groups

Don't be afraid to seek emotional support when needed. This directory page lists all North Idaho support groups including faith-based and recovery organizations.

GED Testing

With five locations around North Idaho, the North Idaho College Adult Education Center provides free classes and materials to help you pass your GED. Set your own pace and learn in a small group instruction setting.

Ray & Joan Kroc Center CDA

Schedules can be busy, but working out regularly can greatly reduce stress, anxiety, or depression. The Kroc Center offers many fitness classes from Low to High intensity. Membership scholarships may be available. 

Building Resilience in Yourself and Your Child

The Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center has released this simple document resource to help parents understand best practices even in the most stressful of situations.


NextAvenue, endorsed by the Idaho Commission for Libraries, provides resources for mid-life adults. Topics covered include health, work, home, and finances

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