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Basic Needs

Be able to reach out when help is needed. Feel okay asking for help. Everyone struggles sometimes. The community can help by offering user-friendly resources to assist with meeting necessities.

What it looks like:

Access to concrete support and services that address a family's needs and help minimize stress caused by challenges. This includes:

a) being resourceful

b) being able to identify, find, and receive the basic necessities everyone          deserves in order to grow (e.g., healthy food, a safe environment), as well      as specialized medical, mental health, social, educational, or legal                  services.

c) understanding one's rights in accessing eligible services

d) gaining knowledge of relevant services

e) navigating through service systems

f) seeking help when needed

g) having financial security to cover basic needs and unexpected costs

To report suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment, in Idaho call


Statewide: 1-855-552-5437 (KIDS) or Treasure Valley: 208-334-5437 (KIDS) 

North Idaho  Support/Basic Needs Resources
Kootenai County
Food Banks and Meal Sites
Emergency Minor Home Repair
Housing Assistance Directory

A complied list of food banks and meal sites in Kootenai County. Includes dates and times open along with contact information.

The North Idaho Services Directory helps point you to housing resources based on need. Find services relating to shelters, housing, transitional housing, and financial assistance.

The City of Coeur d'Alene has grants available for emergency repair/accessibility improvements and sidewalk repair/replacement for low income resident homeowners.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity North Idaho helps to build homes for those who do not qualify for conventional bank loans. Habitat also assists with minor or critical home repairs, weatherization, and neighborhood revitalization for low-income persons.

Internet Assistance

Various internet providers offer discounted rates to low-income persons or families, realizing its growing importance in completing assignments or finding jobs. Comcast and Spectrum are two.

Heritage Health

Heritage Health offers many medical services including disease management, diagnostic care, and routine medical care on a sliding scale.

CASA Kidz Closet

The FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards can be used by everyone in the community for prescription medicine. Not just people with no insurance. There are no usage, age, or income limits.

The CASA Kidz Closet is open only to  CASA Advocates and foster families. All clothing and toys are new and completely free to any advocate or foster family who has a child in need.

Panhandle Health

Panhandle Health District provides many health programs to families, individuals and organizations in northern Idaho. 

First Aid Kit

Mount Sinai Parenting Center's First Aid Kit has many resources for common household injuries and illnesses. 

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