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The five protective factors to combat ACES are concrete support in times of need, social connection, knowledge of  parenting and child development, resilience, and child social and emotional competence. Reaching out and finding strength through connections in the community are what HOPE Conquers ACEs is all about. Below are resources for professionals within the community to strengthen their knowledge base. 

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To report suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment, in Idaho call


Statewide: 1-855-552-5437 (KIDS) or Treasure Valley: 208-334-5437 (KIDS) 

Physical Health Care

These resources are particularly relevant for professionals working in the field of health care. Mental health professionals and other professionals who work in hospital or clinical settings and public health professionals may also find these resources relevant to their work.

Please also see Community - Public Health

Early Care and Education - ECE

These resources ​are for professionals who work with young children or their parents in early care and early education settings.

Post-Secondary Education

These resources are  particularly relevant for professionals in post-secondary education.

Child Welfare and Fostering

These resources ​are intended to inform human service professionals, foster and adoptive parents, and other professionals and individuals working in or involved with the child welfare system.

Domestic Violence

This section includes links are for any professional who addresses the topic of domestic violence or who may come in contact with victims of domestic violence in their work.

Substance Use 

These resources are for professionals who promote substance abuse prevention or treatment or for professionals who address the impact of substance abuse on individuals, families or communities.

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