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Strengthening Families child



North Idaho


To collaborate, educate, and develop community supports for family resiliency using protective factors to prevent child abuse.


To facilitate community partnerships to implement the five Strengthening Families strategies (see below) for child abuse prevention.

To report suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment in Idaho, call


Boosting strength, flexibility, and courage during times of stress. The community can help by providing parenting education and outlets for families

Learn more about parenting,

children, and child development. The community can help by offering opportunities for parents to learn about the development of their child and connecting parents to parents.

Make time to unwind with social connections. There is a great need for friends, family, and neighbors who care. The community can help by providing concrete assistance and opportunities for others to give back to their community

Be able to reach out when help is needed. Feel ok asking for help. The community can help by offering user-friendly resources to assist with meeting necessities.

Teach children to communicate, develop, and learn through positive adult interaction. The community can help by encouraging parents when they are doing a good job and offering help if it seems they are struggling.

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